Year — 2019

Futuristic Łódź Central

About project

Łódź (pronounced “Woodge”) is the third-largest city in Poland and a former industrial hub. Located in the central part of the country. It is experiencing an economical peak at the moment. This is a personal, non-commercial project. Inspired by a real place in the city + my liking towards cyber theme, which was strengthen by CD Project Red’s Cyberpunk announcement.




3D render / Typography / Postproduction — Marcin Krupiński


I wanted to show my image of possible look of future cities. One of the things that inspire me a lot is a modern architecture. Whole digital square shown on my graphic was based on a place that is nowadays often seen by citizens of Łódź and tourists. It’s a central junction in Łódź with a very iconic main tram stop that has colourful, vivid roof filled with a stained glass. Łódź city also supports event called Light Move Festival every year since 2011. Bright lights in rainbow spectrum colours are illuminated on walls. In accompany with 3d mapped animations, these unique projections create special, interesting places and moments for every visitor.

Rough path

Before my city looked like on the final screen, it had went through many difficulties. I started building the city in Adobe Illustrator, but when I reached the point when I needed to apply shadows, I came to conclusion that It will not look like I imagined. I wanted it to be a night city, with a game of bright neon lights and dark shadow spots. But gradients couldn’t achieve this effect as I’d liked to. I was on crossroad with two visible options — either I’m about to abandon the project or I will continue it for countless hours hoping that it will somehow reach deliberate look…


I started doing research. Tried to find out third, the most efficient way to solve my problem. I was looking for various options to use in Adobe Illustrator tools, and also how other people created their own isometric projects. I found that little known software called MagicaVoxel. It had some restrictions, e.g. couldn’t make curvy objects and had some limited surface to design on, but was free to use and was my best shot. I spent two days learning tools and interface. Then I quickly started recreating my city.

Typography & Postproduction

I wanted to add some very unique type of typography to my city. I imagined it as bubble letters floating over the city, within each of them would’ve been reflected neon lights. I started doing my custom letters again in Adobe Illustrator. After experimenting with different effects, I made a base which I exported to Adobe Photoshop to give a final appearance and also adjust whole image as a one.

I was so happy with my original typography, that I decided to create whole alphabet.

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