Year — 2019

Prime Real Estate & Investment

About project

Prime Real Estate & Investment Poland is a Polish company that brokers real estate. It’s focused mainly on foreigners that want to move in the near future to Poland. Whenever tenants want to either buy or rent a house or apartment, Prime facilitates the process and fulfils formalities.


Real Estate


Brand Identity / Stationery / Web elements — Marcin Krupiński
Code / Web functionality — Michał Bartczak

Client needs

My goal was to create a professional-looking brand for Real Estate Brokers. It had to have a unique and clear look among other competitors in Poland. The brand was aimed to attract various receivers and users. From students that need to rent a small apartment for one year, to businessmen that want to start investing in residential buildings and surfaces.


First step to meet client requirements was to prepare Sign+Logotype. I came up with wide surfaces on couple tiers that represent place for any person with any needs. Meaning of word “prime” was strengthen by placing hidden number 1 in the middle of the sign. Identity needs to keep its cohesiveness, so I complemented the sign with custom elegant typography. All wrapped in the modern and clean form with a touch of navy blue/white/grey colour and orange for CTA and special materials.


“I have to agree with you. Now when I’m looking at it, it looks great. I’ve shown also to couple of my coworkers and not only me, but everyone really like it. Thank you for your professional approach and for preparing this project. We are definitely staying with it.”

— Prime representative

Unified stationery

After an agreement with the client, the next task was to create stationery materials — business cards, folders and envelopes. Everything with corporate colours in an elegant and professional-looking style.